Both the restaurant and the campsite can be reached via the panoramic road which from the Gardesana allows the ascent to Navazzo or from Valvestino arriving from Lake Idro


Monte Castello di Gaino

The mountain opposite Monte Pizzoccolo offers various trails to reach its summit. Some are more challenging than others, but the rewarding panoramic view more than compensates for the effort put into reaching it.
Time – 1:30 / 2:00 h approximately

Top of Mount Comer

This panoramic viewpoint offers a splendid view of Northern Lake Garda. The path to reach it is a pleasant walk, not too demanding, although it may be a bit long. Nevertheless, the final reward is undoubtedly exceptional.
Time – 2:00 h approximately

Valvestino lake

Valvestino is the valley that houses the dam of the same name and Lake Valvestino. The road that starts from Giglio and heads towards Lake Idro is renowned for its winding curves and provides an extraordinary view of the dam and its bridges.

Hermitage of San Valentino

A charming little church is nestled in the mountains, surrounded by the enchanting climate of Lake Garda. The walk to reach it is not at all demanding and allows for relaxation, providing the opportunity for a pleasant stroll.
Time – 2:00 h approximately

Motorbike itineraries

The tour of the four lakes

An evocative journey through the artificial lake of Valvestino with its sinuous streets and the imposing dam, the lake of Idro, a gem set between mountains and wild woods, of Ledro, famous for its stilt houses and for the clarity of an alpine lake, and Garda, which boasts a Mediterranean climate in the middle of the Pre-Alps.

Tour of Lake Garda

The largest lake in Italy and home to numerous historical, poetic and geopolitical events.
Protected by the Baldo chain and by the Alto Garda Bresciano Park chain, the lake offers a mild climate and a flora typical of the Mediterranean coasts, in fact it is not uncommon to come across lemon, olive and rosemary plants.

High altitude ride to Cima Rest

A quiet and peaceful locality through green woods and gentle meadows, the tour includes the passage near the Valvestino dam and the former customs house of Lignano, place of Austro-Hungarian control during the 19th century, observable during the shallows of the lake, to then continue towards Cima Rest with its flourishing peaks and famous barns.

Through the Valvestino and Valsabbia

The route involves crossing the Valvestino to then flow south of Lake Idro, from here we will follow the river Chiese until we let it continue on its way towards the Po when we reach Tormini.
The entrance to the Garda area will lead us to cross the characteristic villages that line Lake Garda, such as the historic Salò, the green Gardone and so on.

Climbing Monte Baldo

A challenging but very suggestive route through the Brentonico plateau, until you reach the "Bocca di Navene", an alpine pass that offers a view of Lake Garda at 1420m.
To then descend from its slopes passing the Novezza valley (or valley of the bear) and visiting the famous Madonna della Corona, a medieval sanctuary dating back to the 13th century.
The route ends in Bardolino Place where you can choose to go to Torri del Benaco and take the ferry to Toscolano-Maderno or continue south towards Desenzano del Garda and then continue north and complete the tour of the lake.

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