The Cuisine

Professionals in the sector define sitting at the table as an "experience", savoring a well-made dish simply goes further, placing it in a comfortable and friendly context, accompanied by an excellent wine or a refreshing beer, resulting in full immersion in the moment He is experiencing.

Our dishes

The love for catering was born a long time ago, even before the Trattoria Giglio, it is in fact for three generations that the Piccinni family has been involved in catering, boasting Apulian and Tuscan origins, amalgamated with the experience gained working under important researchers of the culinary perfection, has led to giving you the opportunity to savor traditional and revisited dishes, with ingredients offered by the regional and Italian territory.

Take a look at our menu, we follow the course of the seasons so new dishes are always available.

Wines and Beers

As with dishes, drinks also have their importance at the table, the different organoleptic qualities released during the tasting of particular wines and beers complete what is the balance of aromas between course and drink.

Take a look at our wine list, selected from dozens of Italian wineries.

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